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For some consumers who are looking to purchase a new television set, the comparison of LCD vs LED will likely be the first thing to come to their mind. LCD stands for liquid crystal display while LED stands for light emitting diodes. The first thing you need to know is that LEDs are actually a part of LCD TVs, they are a number of backlight bulbs used to light up the screen. This seems to raise more confusion, but take it easy.

Simply said, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Display) need to be backlit and there are currently 2 types of backlights used for that, which are LED (light-emitting diode)  and CCFL (Cold-cathode fluorescent lamp), the big ‘box’ TVs popular in the 70-80’s. So the real comparison should be between CCFL and LED, let’s get through it then.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are more efficient in using energy and if you are someone who wants to save on power and wants a greener television, then choosing an LED TV will be ideal for you as LED is better at energy saving than the previous big CCFL-backlit LCD TVs.


LED televisions always have better displays than CCFL televisions. The make images shown on the television be sharper and clearer than the CCFL ones. So, if you want to enjoy your movies or sports in a clearer display that allows you to see the characters more real and alive, getting the LED television can give you the perfect experience with your favourite movies and sports.


Gone are the days of the box-shaped television and more people are owning thin and sleek TVs and placing them almost anywhere in their homes, especially on the wall. If you are looking for a thin television, then be sure to go for a LED television as these are often thinner than the big CCFL televisions. Thin TVs will be easier to set up on your wall.


LED-backlit TVs are the newer version of LCD televisions. It is slowly but surely taking over as the new version of televisions and if you want the latest technology for your brand new television, getting the LED’s will be ideal for you. Like many technologies at the beginning of its lifespan, you will need to expect LED televisions to be pricier than old CCFL televisions.

Many more manufacturers are phasing out CCFL LCD televisions as LED televisions are becoming more and more the mainstreams in the market. If you have a lower budget, then getting the CCFL’s television may be suitable for you. However, if you can splurge a little more, then it makes sense to invest in the LED TV not only for better display but also in an attempt to save more energy. CCFL televisions may be cheaper but it will be hard to find replacement parts as it is already getting out of the market to make room for LED televisions.

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