Men vs Women

men vs women

Do you know the difference between men and women? We all know about the physical difference but there are many social and psychological differences too that make us so different from each other. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to men vs. women.

Women tend to be more outgoing and they are more active in conversations. They will talk about a wide number of subjects such as work, family, health, sex, news, and life in general. Women also need to be stimulated with conversation and they crave it more than men do. Men tend to talk more about work, sports, cars, tools, music, and other “guy” topics. They usually don’t talk much about deeper subjects because they don’t want to be seen as a “wuss.” Men will talk for long periods of time but it’s never on the deep subjects that women want to discuss.

Another difference between men and women is about emotions. A woman will be more emotional and will discuss her feelings with other women. She may talk openly about her spouse and the relationships they have. A man may talk about a spouse but it’s usually a sexual topic, jokes, or how much she is “nagging” him. A man will rarely talk on emotional subjects because he doesn’t want to be teased or laughed at by other men. When you look at the difference between men and women, the emotional factor is key. In some cases a woman will break down more often than a man to express feelings. A man will keep this all inside and if he breaks down, he tends to do it alone so no one can see him.

Women tend to be more family oriented and they want to establish close relationships with a man to form a tight bond and to have children. Men tend to be more sex oriented and while they may want a family, they are more focused on just sex early on in their life. Women want sex as well but because of their biological clock, they are also geared towards having children and will seek this out as much as possible in a relationship when they are young.

Competition is another large factor that differentiates men and women. Men tend to view things they do as a competition. For example they will want the best yard, fastest car, best stereo system, coolest computer, most high tech smartphone and so on. They tend to be competitive in work, sports, and many other things they do with other men. The aggressiveness and conquest type nature of men is hard-wired from their birth as they are taught to be a “man” and not to show emotion. If a man shows emotion it’s considered as a sign of weakness. A man tends to only show strength through competition. Men have a drive to be the best in anything and when they lose it’s a huge blow to their “ego.” Women can be competitive too but it’s not anything close to the degree of men.

These are just some of the differences between men and women. Both sexes are very different form each other and it’s what makes us so unique.

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