Plants vs Zombies

plants vs zombies

Now you might be wondering: “Why in the world would someone want to compare plants and zombies?” It’s alright, I won’t blame you. As popular as something can be, it won’t certainly raise the awareness of all 7 billion people on the planet. With that being said, let’s get started with a brief introduction.

‘Plants Vs Zombies’ is actually the name of a popular tower-defense game developed and published by PopCap Games (later also published by Electronic Arts on mobiles). It was first released on May 2009 for Windows and OS X, and has since gained and increasing popularity. Starting early 2010, the game started to be published on multiple other platforms including iOS, Android, Facebook and so on… and now other titles have been released as part of a series, like ‘Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time’, ‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’, following the success and popularity of the original game.

Plants Vs Zombies is about a homeowner named Crazy Dave who plants and take of various kinds of plants in order to get them to prevent zombies entering his home and ‘eat his brain’. If you haven’t played the game yet, it might sound boring, but once you give it a try, it will be a completely different story.

Now, since this is a comparison website, I won’t be giving you more details about the story behind the game, why fans like it, or how much it costs, but instead, I will lay out the attacks and defenses used by the plants and the zombies. There are so many, I won’t be covering all of them, but since PVSZ2 (Plants VS Zombies 2: It’s About Time) include plants and zombies from the original PVSZ (as well as many new ones), I will put the focus on it.

In PVSZ and PVSZ2 you will be playing only as the plants. And the first thing worth mentioning is that the plants will take time to recharge each time you use them, and the recharge time varies from 7.5 sec. to 50 seconds. Also important to remember is the fact that when plant food is used on the plants, they will be temporarily powered up in a variety of ways.

  • The Sunflowers are crucial and used by most players at the start of the game since they are the ones that absorb sun energy.
  • The Peashooters are available at the beginning and can be used to shoot peas at the zombies.
  • The Split Peas will shoot peas backward and forward.
  • The Wall-nuts are the main plants of defense, so they are tough and will take much more ‘bites’ compared to the usual plants before being completely eaten by the zombies.
  • The Potato Mines are plants that will detonate at the smallest contact with a zombie.
  • Grave Busters when planted on graves, will consume the grave completely and free the way for planting.
  • Iceberg Lettuce will freeze any zombie that steps on it. When powered-up, it will freeze all the enemies on the screen.
  • Snapdragon will breathe fire at the zombies not only in its lane, but in the 2 surrounding lanes as well.
  • Coconut Cannon will fire a single cannon at the zombies in its lane causing great damages, however it will take a remarkable time before being ready for the next firing.
  • Chili Beans will not only kill any zombie that eats it, but will also make it fart and freeze the zombie behind if any.
  • Winter Melon will throw melon at the zombies and cause heavy damages while slowing them down.

Since the zombies’ objective is to get inside Crazy Dave’s house, they will eat every plant on their way, they don’t come only with sword to ‘attack’, but they also come with ‘shield’ to be protected.

  • The Basic Zombies will walk to the plants and if they reach the plants, they will bite them. The stronger the plant, the more bites they will take before being completely eaten.
  • The Conehead and Buckethead Zombies are the same as the basic zombies, except that they will resist the plants’ attacks longer due to their protection.
  • Gargantuars are big and strong. They will even throw small zombies called Imp before them; sometimes the Imps will land so far that only the lawn mower or a Split Pea will be able to change the fate of Crazy Dave’s brain.
  • Ra Zombies will steal the suns out until being defeated.
  • The Camel Zombies will approach the plants in group of three or more with high shields depicting the image of a camel.
  • Explorer Zombies will burn down any plant their torch comes into contact with.
  • Pharaoh Zombies are very tough, hence hard to kill, but they also walk slow because of the huge casket.
  • Seagull Zombies flies up carrying a Pirate Zombie, in order to avoid spikes and Iceberg Lettuce.
  • Prospector Zombies will jump to the other side in order to eat the plants from the back.
  • Pianist Zombies will play music for the zombies, causing them to dance and switch lanes, so they better be taken down before exposing their talent.
  • Zombie Chicken are very dangerous; although small, they run fast and will eat down the plants faster than most zombies.

Now that I have established the basic attacks and defenses capabilities of the plants and the zombies, you will have a better idea now on which plants to choose next time to protect C. Dave from the upcoming category of zombies. The zombies are good at eating and they are ready to overcome any obstacle they encounter on their way in order to reach their goal. Will you choose a Peashooter to take down a Pianist Zombie? I don’t know, but just make sure that you don’t give up the fight, because the fate of Crazy Dave’s brain is in your hands.

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