Sometime vs Sometimes

Sometime vs Sometimes

Sometime or sometimes? Which one should you use, and when?

Well, there is not really a big difference between those 2 words, just that one is singular and the other is plural; the key resemblance though is that both concern a time in the future.


Sometime is singular and is about one single period of time in the future. The best synonym I can think of for it is “one day”. For example:“Where is the Eiffel Tour located? I would lie to visit it sometime.”

It’s just as you would say: One day, I would like to visit the Eiffel Tour”.

Notice that there can be a second, a third, an nth time, but for now, the focus is on one particular and unspecific time.


Sometimes on the other hand is plural and refers to at least 2 particular times in the future. For example: “In my free time, I usually play video games, but sometimes I just read an inspirational book”. This person has several “free time”, and during some (more than one) of those free times, he/she reads an inspirational book, meaning that he/she has read an inspirational book more than once during those free times.

Sometimes can also mean “There are times”

Example: Sometimes, you need to talk to yourself in order to take the right decision.

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