Vegetarian Diet vs Vegan Diet

vegetarian diet vs vegan diet

Most people don’t know the difference between vegan and vegetarian diets. They have probably heard of the benefits of the diets, but simply don’t know which one to follow. It all comes down to the reason for going on a healthy diet, and what benefits you wish to get. This article will guide you in choosing the diet suitable for you.

Vegan Vs. Vegetarian: What is the difference?

Vegetarians do not eat any kind meat. However, they do eat dairy products including milk, cream, butter, cheese and ice-cream.

Most know what vegetarians eat, but know little about the vegan diet. Vegans eat food that does not have meat or dairy products. So apart from avoiding all types of meat, they also avoid dairy products.

Vegan Vs. Vegetarian: The Advantages & Disadvantages

What is the reason you want to change your dietary habits? Why do you want to give up meat? Is it because of your love for animals or is it because of your concern for your health and fitness? Depending on the reason, you can decide whether to go for a vegetarian or a vegan diet.

Animal Rights

If your only reason to become vegan is because you hate to think how animals are slaughtered for their meat, then becoming vegetarian will do. But if you are also upset about how animals are mishandled for their milk and dairy products, then you should go vegan.

Weight Loss

Many people choose to adopt a vegan diet for weight loss. The reason why weight loss is seen on the vegan diet is because vegan food is plant-based, and so is naturally low in fat. Becoming a vegetarian will not be sufficient to lose weight, since milk and milk products are still high in fat.

Health Issues

Do you have health issues which you wish to get rid of or prevent? Becoming a vegetarian is a great step to do so. Removing meat from the diet has been shown to prevent, treat or reverse heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer, lower the unhealthy cholesterol in the body, and alleviate other chronic ailments. However, you will still have to avoid dairy products if you actually want to see improvement. Even if you don’t stop consuming them completely, the frequency and the quantity have to be reduced to a great extent.

Becoming vegan is a much better “antidote” for chronic diseases since it totally excludes all fatty meat, dairy foods and high-cholesterol. The vegan diet is known to treat or prevent a variety of illnesses and diseases ranging from high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, Diabetes, early-stage prostate cancer, and arthritis. Many people testify to the wonderful health benefits of the vegan diet.

Feel energetic & Concentrate Better

Eating too much meat has been known to cause sluggishness, lethargy, and decreased concentration. Dairy has also been known to cause these problems, and in many cases – is more dangerous than meat! If you wish to increase your energy levels, or improve your focus and concentration – saying no to meat from your diet should definitely help you. However, to see a great improvement, you should really consider going vegan. Plant-based foods provide long-lasting energy, while meat and dairy products take a long time to digest, making you get less glucose and leave you feeling tired, lethargic and unable to concentrate.

Vegan or vegetarian? The choice is yours. When it comes down to the fight between vegan vs. vegetarian – it all comes down to why you wish to change your diet, and what health benefits you wish to get.

The vegan diet has certainly been known to help with weight loss, allergies and chronic health problems, and you will be helping to save our beautiful animals. On the other hand, the vegetarian diet is for you if you cannot forgo dairy products and meat all at once.

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