Wh vs Mah vs Volts

wh vs mah vs volt

You recently bought a portable consumer electronics product, maybe a mobile phone or a tablet PC; and if you are familiar with these devices, one of the main features you will pay attention to is the battery performance, however the corresponding information are usually given in V, Wh and mAh (and sometimes in A) which of those three should you consider?

–       V stands for Volts, and it determines the potential energy of the battery. It’s like a flow of water through a cylindrical tube, the higher the pressure of the water, the greater the volume of water that will pass through the tube.

–       A stands for Amps or Amperes, and is the measure of the electric current. From the above illustration, where V represents the pressure of the water, A represents the volume of the water through the tube per 1 second.

–       Wh stands for Watt hours and it is the amount of energy contained in the battery. It is like the total volume of water that is to pass through the tube.

–       mAh stands for milliamp hours. 1Ah equals 1000mAh.
This is the characteristic you should pay attention to the most, because it will indicate how long the battery is going to last before being completely discharged, which means the higher the amount of mAh, the longer the battery will last.

Remark that a battery of 6000mAh will deliver 6000mA of current for 1h or 2000mA for 3h and so on.

The mathematical relation between W, A and V is:
W (Watts) = V (Volts) x A (Amperes)

Note that the battery capacity is different from the battery life, where we should refer to the chemical components. Li-ion battery is considered the number one choice when it comes to battery life.

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