Xbox One vs PS4

xbox one vs ps4

Xbox One vs. the PS4, what are the differences between those 2 versions of the popular game consoles? Which one is worth investing your money on. The one you will get will be based upon your personal preferences and the games you like to play. Here are the main differences between the ‘One’ and PS4.


The Xbox One is 10 percent larger than the PS4 and it weighs 3.18kg while the PS4 weighs 2.8kg. The PS4 is slimmer and will take up less room so it’s perfect for tighter spaces. The Xbox One is a lot boxier looking. This new Xbox is also larger than the older versions.


And now in terms of games, the Xbox or the PlayStation? The PS4 should have more exclusive games the first year but currently more is known about the Xbox One games and it will have exclusive titles such as Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse, and TitanFall. One recent news I read not so long ago and that will certainly attract many fans, is that Killer Instinct 3 will come with the new Xbox, probably free, although there were only 2 characters available (Cinder and Sabrewulf) by the time I was getting informed about it.  On the PS4 there are exclusives such as Drive Club, Killzone: Shadowfall, and Infamous: Second Son.


So now what about graphics, which one scores the best? The graphics in both consoles is about the same but this is based upon how the games are made. Some games may look great on one console but not the other one. Both the consoles use a similar CPU which are made by AMD. They both have an APU setup with both the GPU and CPU together. In terms of the chipset the PS4 will be clocked higher so that is one difference between them. The PS4 will have a 2GHz while the Xbox One will have a 1.6GHz.

When you compare the XBox One and the PS4, the PS4 has 50 percent more powerful graphics with 1152 shader processors while the Xbox one has 768. The PS4 can perform more tasks and should have better graphics than the Xbox One. So Xbox or PlayStation for graphics? The best console is probably going to be the PS4, although the games will determine which console has the better game graphics. The PS4 uses newer GDDR5 RAM while the Xbox One uses conventional standard DDR3 RAM. The GDDR5 RAM is better for more intensive graphics.


Another aspect worth mentioning about the 2 is that the ‘One’ will require a subscription to access many media services on the unit, while access to many of the same services on the Ps4 this is free.


The PS4 now has a moderate redesign of the controllers, there’s a trackball between the buttons and D-pad so there’s more control with the unit and there’s a share button for gameplay. The Xbox One has controllers that are very similar to the older Xbox consoles.


So, Xbox or PlayStation? This is going to be a personal decision but if you like the PlayStation you will go with that. Those that enjoy the Xbox and like the games will probably stick with the Xbox. There will always be debate when you compare Xbox one & PS4. Read the reviews once the consoles come out and then decide which one you want to get.

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